Bedroom Decorating Trends

The Top Six Bedroom Decorating Trends For This Year

Bedrooms with white walls are no more in style, and darker rooms are rising. Of all the rooms in the house, none will be more intimate than the bedroom. This is where most people can be in a state of peace and calm to relax and prepare for the next day. Your bedroom ought to be an ideal expression of your unique style. Even if you’ve found the most appropriate color of wall paint and the most luxurious sheets on your beds, it is important to consider the quality of your bedroom and whether it’s a good fit for your lifestyle. Here are the top six bedroom decorating trends for this year.

After thoroughly assessing your bedroom, it may be the perfect time to make some room renovations. 2022 is the year we’re beginning to see trends in bedroom design shifting to more laid-back yet still luxurious styles. There’s nothing to say about traditional bedding and furniture and less about natural fabrics embracing luxurious furniture and patterns. 

Smart technology such as single-wide mobile home renovations apps are essential elements for designers. The clients demand more seamless integration, such as when the TV is elevated from a concealed hiding place and blinds. Martha Stewart approved close by simply asking for a voice. We asked America’s most famous designer to inform us about the current trends in bedroom decor, which will be hot throughout the first quarter of the year’s calendar. Find out the unexpected colors you can consider adding to your bedroom’s style and why you should keep an eye on designs that inspire you. 

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1. With The Rise Of Casual Luxury

Casual Luxury for bedroom
Casual Luxury

In recent years, many homeowners have made their bedrooms refreshing retreats. Instead of focusing on furniture makers, Susan Boehlert Smith of Boehlert Massey is seeing a trend towards a more casual luxurious design “with less embellishments but more refined material. It is becoming popular to integrate furniture that is more vintage in order to make the space appear more lavish while also bringing the sense of being within the bedroom decorating trends. 

There is also a growing demand for custom furniture, such as the upholstered headboards that will create a space that is distinctive and stylish. Unique. Designer Jaclyn Genovese of Spaces by Jac flash states, “The headboard is the most significant feature in a bedroom; therefore, choosing a headboard that is perfect for your style and style is crucial. 

2. The Perfect Moody Palette

moody palette for bedroom
Moody Palette

Get rid of neutral and white spaces. The time has come for the darker hue that is ablaze! More intense and vibrant shades are coming into the bedroom decorating trends to create a sense of depth and create a feeling of peace. “The moody color palettes are a perfect enhancement to a bedroom space it’s still calming while adding a little oomph to the design and aesthetic,” says Lisa Davey of Thirteen Oak Interior Design Studio. The soft, warm blues and fresh cranberries make for a peaceful room, and natural fibers and materials aid in settling the room and preserve the warm hues that make rooms feel dark. 

3. Ceiling Details

Ceiling for bedroom

As time passes, homeowners are requesting architects to consider ways to improve the fifth wall or ceilings throughout their home and even the bedroom. Though some people might opt to paint the ceiling in vibrant designs, Boehlert Smith notes it’s more about highlighting specifics. For example, using a vibrant color or incorporating a coffered design. It’s about adding interest to an unintentional layer without making the room feel overwhelming.

4. Concentrate On The Textiles

Textiles for bedroom
The Textiles

There’s less to desire when making your mattress look more stylish these days. Throw pillows may have been quite popular in the past, and now designers are seeing an increasing demand for natural bedding and are exploring the dimensions.

 “Designers are scaling back and making it about the way the bed is actually styled,” according to Elisa Baran of Elisa Baran, LLC. “They do this by altering the size of a duvet. using a bed skirt to add aesthetic appeal, adding a textured throw to add contrast, or by using the unique shape of a pillow such as a bolster cushion to add a touch of energy. 

5. More Advanced Technology

Technology for bedroom

The incorporation of technology in the home is a fascinating trend in interior design. However, clients are demanding the installation of automated blinds and rising TVs and even digital frames that can blend with the decor more effortlessly. In addition, the interior design expert Summer Jensen of Hawk & Co. says she is seeing more clients are asking for bars with coffee and champagne in their bedrooms to create a relaxed atmosphere. 

“Maybe it’s for a nightcap or a location to refill your glass of wine instead of returning towards the kitchen,” Jensen suggests. Jensen. “Or perhaps it’s your ice cream binge at night. Maybe it’s where you begin your morning with a cup of coffee before bed. It’s an equivalent of a mini bar from your favorite hotel room.

6. In Modern Children’s Rooms

Modern Children's Rooms
Modern Children’s Rooms

Adults require a space they consider theirs, and the children should have the same. Instead of playing around with clichés, contemporary bedrooms for children showcase the highest design quality and balance the practical and the creative. 

The rooms are enjoyable enough to make children desire to spend time there but stylish enough to guarantee that they aren’t pushed out fast enough. “Children are a joy to entertain in their rooms just like anybody else, and it’s delightful to me when they are eager to showcase their rooms,” Boehlert Smith. Read more

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