How To Install Bathroom Accessories

Keeping your bathroom looking its best is a constant struggle. There’s always something that needs to be done, rearranged, or replaced. And due to the nature of our surroundings, it’s likely a bathroom. Although a bathroom may not appear to be a place of great importance. It actually plays a key role in home design. In fact, many people consider a bathroom to be the heart of their home. So, what can you do to make your bathroom stand out from the rest of your home? Here are a few tips on how to install bathroom accessories.

Good Places In The Bathroom 

Good Places In The Bathroom 

To install accessories, one of the first things to consider when designing a bathroom is where to place the accessories. If a toilet flushes directly into the room, then you’ll want the handle and doorbell receiver box to be placed in the wall-mounted flush position. Likewise, if a dishwasher is mounted on the wall, you’ll want the door handle and rack to be placed facing the wall. If this isn’t the case, either the door will open inward or the rack will hang against the wall.

Bad Places In The Bathroom 

Bad Places In The Bathroom 

When it comes to installing accessories. You have two general areas to avoid when designing a bathroom: the vanity and the toilet. The vanity is the most obvious location, but it should be placed in the same general area as the sink. If the vanity is located too far away from the sink, you’ll have a hard time concentrating on getting it. The dishes are done at the same time as washing them.

A vanity that is too close to the sink will present a tripped-out combination of water. Mirror sound, can be very distracting when trying to do other things in the room such as brush your teeth or change a diaper.

Towel Bars 

Towel Bars to Install Bathroom Accessories

Another common location for accessories is the towel bar. Deciding where to place a towel bar is a little more difficult, however. This is because most towel bars are not designed to be mounted on the wall. In fact, most would prefer to be placed against the wall since they are meant to be secured to the surface.

While most towel bars come with mounting hardware. It’s a good idea to use a screwdriver to attach them if you want to keep it minimal.

Toilet Paper Holders 

Toilet Paper Holders to Install Bathroom Accessories

Some people feel that a toilet paper holder goes better with a minimalist bathroom design than a conventional one. This is partly because a paper towel holder doesn’t need much space to store supplies and partly. Because a paper towel holder is meant to be seen, not heard on a busy bathroom counter.

If you prefer a conventional toilet paper holder, though, it’s a good idea to use it wherever possible. This way, you won’t get used to seeing a certain type of toilet paper and have to deal with a transition when the time comes to switch to a different brand.

Soap Dispensers 

Soap Dispensers in bathroom

Some people feel that a soap dispenser is too common in a bathroom. While this is generally true, there are a few situations when a basic soap dispenser is essential.

If you have kids, for example, then you’ll want to place a soap dispenser in a bathroom where the kids can’t reach it. Or, if you have a special event coming up where you’ll be doing hands-on activities, then a soap dispenser is a must.

For a minimalistic bathroom design, though, you can also try placing a soap dispenser against the wall. This way, it won’t be visible from the toilet and will only be in reach of the person washing their hands.

Toilet Brush Holders 

Toilet Brush Holders

Another common location for accessories is the toilet brush holder. Here, you’ll want to keep things minimal. Just like with the soap dispenser, the less the better.

Again, this is a good place to keep a basic brush so you won’t be tempted to reach for more expensive models when the time comes to clean.

If you want to go a little beyond the basics, a toilet brush holder can also be used as a soap organizer. This way, you won’t have to dig through the messy soap bar to find the right one.

Shower Baskets

Shower Baskets to Install Bathroom Accessories

A great way to make a bathroom look more spacious and airy is to install a shower or bath tray. This is when the tub or shower caddy is used as the backup storage solution.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious and want to go for a show-stopper, you can also design a shower tray to match the color scheme of the room. This way, the water will reflect the same color scheme as the rest of the room, which will help to make the space appear larger.

Install Hollow-Wall Fasteners 

install Hollow-Wall Fasteners

Last but not least, we have the option of installing hollow-wall fasteners. There are many different types of fasteners that can be used for this purpose. So be sure to read the product description carefully to make sure you know which ones you want to use.

Hollow-wall fasteners are often more expensive than conventional alternatives. But they do have a few advantages: They don’t require any additional hardware to be mounted on the wall.

To install bathroom accessories, there’s almost no chance of anything falling off since the screw is the only thing holding the wall and fastener in place. And, since they have no exposed fastener heads, they’re also easy to clean.

Hollow-wall fasteners are perfect for interior designers who want to create a minimalistic bathroom design.

Attach The Accessory Firmly To The Bathroom Wall 

Attach the Accessory Firmly to the Bathroom Wall 

Install accessories, another way to make a bathroom stand out is to use the existing wall materials to your advantage. If you have a wall-mounted dishwasher or a wall-mounted medicine cabinet. Then you have the perfect materials to use as a material backdrop for your accessories.

If you’re using a countertop, on the other hand, be sure to use a finish. Will blend well with the room. You don’t want your stack of baking dishes clashing. With the countertop or your glass medicine cabinet standing out in a distracting way.

Finally, if you’re installing a towel bar on the wall. Make sure that it’s flush against the wall and can’t be seen from the outside. Too much visible wall space can be a huge distraction and cause you to lose focus.

Final Thought 

When it comes to installing accessories. it’s important to keep in mind that the less you spend, the better your design will look. You can save a lot of money by using free or less expensive resources, such as online tutorials, but be sure to use quality materials.

When it comes to installing accessories, don’t skimp on the hardware. It’s the base of your design and will determine how the room looks and functions.

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